Vision Sperm
Computer-Assisted Semen Analysis

The full picture in Sperm Analysis<br> SQA-iO and Vision Sperm

Vision Sperm is an automated system for digital microscopy analysis. Examine digital samples on the PC, capture separate images of semen and validate them using the embedded algorithm for semen analysis based WHO 6th semen parameters reports.

  • Automatic analysis of sperm parameters according to WHO requirements
  • Telemedicine and remote consultation
  • Motility analysis and sperm concentration assessment
  • Morphology analysis of sperm, identification and pre-classification
  • Pre-classification of sperm vitality, calculation of ratio live-dead cells
  • Pre-classification by DNA fragmentation degree. Calculation of the ratio of fragmented spermatozoa to relatively healthy ones
  • Counting leucocytes in sperm
  • Acrosome reaction test
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