Human sperm analysis

Human sperm analysis

Medical Electronic Systems (MES) is a leading edge company specializing in rapid, automated semen analysis.

  • Fast, simple and accurate semen testing in less than 2 minutes according to WHO 6th Edition testing criteria
  • Option to select WHO 5th or WHO 6th semen parameters reports in addition to derived and total/ejaculate parameters
  • Automatically reads fresh, frozen, washed and post-vasectomy samples
  • On-screen visualization of the semen sample
  • Variable optical magnification
  • Record video clips and capture images
  • Built-in printer provides a paper copy semen analysis report
  • Single-use capillaries
  • Built in LIS interface
  • Integrated self-testing and self-calibrating features

Sperm quality analyzers line

Parameters tested

Parameter SQA-V SQA-Vision SQA iO SQA-V Vet
6th Edition of WHO Parameters
5th Edition of WHO Parameters
Total Sperm Concentration (TSC)
Motility (PR+NP)
Progressive Motility (PR)
Non-progressive Motility (NP)
Immotility (IM)
Calculated Normal Morphology
Progressive Motile Sperm Concentration (PMSC)
Functional Sperm Concentration (FSC)
Sperm Motility Index (SMI)
Average Velocity
Total Sperm
Total Motile Sperm
Total Progressive Motile Sperm
Total Functional Sperm

General specification

FeaturesSQA-VSQA-VisionSQA iOSQA-V Vet
Built-in printer
Video microscope Visualization
Touch-screen interface
Option to print visual images in test report
Patient archive
All-in-one computer with SQA-Vision software
PC compatibility with V-Sperm III software
Manual data entry in the PC
PC compatibility with Excel
Fresh semen sample
Option to select specimen type: frozen, washed
Option to select specimen type post-vasectomy
Swim-up, density gradient semen samples
Testing sperm for longevity and viability
The manufacturer reserves the right to change the designs and specifications of its products without prior notice.